2017-10-11 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.27 master v0.27
2017-10-11 Michael ProkopBump debian/compat to 9
2017-10-11 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 4.1.1
2017-10-11 Michael Prokopwrap-and-sort debian/
2017-10-11 Michael ProkopDrop dependency on realpath, since jessie being part...
2014-02-10 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.26 v0.26
2014-02-10 Michael ProkopSet myself as maintainer
2014-02-10 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 3.9.5
2014-02-10 Michael ProkopFix several typos
2012-12-17 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.25 v0.25
2012-12-17 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 3.9.4
2012-09-06 Florian Klienfixing sbin compatibility issue
2012-01-11 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.24 v0.24
2012-01-11 Michael ProkopUse /media as mount path
2011-11-26 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.23 v0.23
2011-11-14 Thomas Koehlerpass additional arguments to fsck when given via -X
2011-07-27 Christian HofstaedtlerAdd debian/control headers Origin, Bugs
2011-05-11 Christian HofstaedtlerRelease new version 0.22. v0.22
2011-05-11 Christian HofstaedtlerBump Standards-Version to 3.9.2 (no changes)
2011-05-11 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove leftover .hgtags
2011-02-20 Thomas Koehlerbugfix: throw in a "udevadm settle" to avoid occasional...
2011-02-20 Thomas Koehlerupdated documentation for previous patch
2011-02-20 Thomas Koehlerif no mountpoint was given to action start, create...
2011-01-08 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.21. v0.21
2011-01-08 Michael ProkopAdd myself as Uploader.
2011-01-08 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 3.9.1.
2011-01-08 Michael ProkopMinor formating fix.
2011-01-08 Thomas Koehlermore verbosity with -vvv format When running grml-crypt...
2010-12-26 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.20. v0.20
2010-12-26 Michael ProkopMake sure to unset tmp_dm_path_ (credits to Christian).
2010-12-26 Michael ProkopFix symlink problem with newer device mapper, patch...
2010-12-26 Thomas KoehlerTypo fixes in a few messages.
2010-06-25 Michael ProkopRelease new version 0.19. v0.19
2010-06-25 Thomas KoehlerFeature: if -F is given twice, run fsck with -f
2010-06-25 Thomas KoehlerBugfix: use DM_PATH_ instead of DM_NAME_ for fsck
2010-05-31 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog for new release 0.18. v0.18
2010-05-31 Michael ProkopBuild-Depend on debhelper >= 5.
2010-05-31 Michael ProkopAdd ${misc:Depends} to Depends.
2010-05-31 Michael ProkopBump debian compat level to 5.
2010-05-31 Michael ProkopCleanup debian/rules.
2010-05-31 Michael ProkopBump Standards-Version to 3.8.4 + update Vcs headers.
2010-05-31 Thomas Koehleradded -F option to run fsck before mounting a filesystem
2010-05-09 Michael Gebetsroitheradd --fsck to TODO, thx thokoeh
2009-01-10 Michael Gebetsroitherfixed variable naming t/cleanup
2009-01-10 Michael Gebetsroitheradd cleanup ideas to TODO
2009-01-10 Michael Gebetsroitherenhance default cipher size to 256bit
2009-01-10 Michael Gebetsroitherenhance default iteration time to 1000ms
2008-04-28 Michael GebetsroitherAdded tag 0.17 for changeset ce6df3843517
2008-04-28 Michael Gebetsroitheradjusted changelog for release 0.17
2008-04-28 Michael Gebetsroithermade packet lintian clean
2008-04-28 Michael GebetsroitherAdded tag 0.16 for changeset 09f852644006
2008-04-28 Michael Gebetsroitheradjusted changelog 0.16
2008-03-20 Michael Gebetsroitheradded TODO
2008-02-13 Michael Gebetsroitheradded closes issue180
2008-02-13 Michael Gebetsroitherchanged to /bin/bash
2007-09-27 Michael ProkopSeveral typo fixes and documentation improvements by...
2007-09-12 Michael ProkopApply patch-bomb by ft, thanks a lot
2007-07-26 Michael ProkopReplace optimize* with optimise*
2007-02-23 Michael GebetsroitherAdded tag 0.15 for changeset 0fa3c2bb9f3f
2007-02-23 Michael Gebetsroitherfixed debian changelog message to automatically close... 0.15
2007-02-23 Michael Gebetsroithermerged
2007-02-23 Michael GebetsroitherManpage fix (thx rob.s)
2006-12-12 Michael Gebetsroitherrenamed makefile target cleanall to distclean
2006-12-07 Michael ProkopAdded tag grml0.9 for changeset aced402badfa4a0ad077c45...
2006-10-23 Michael Gebetsroitherspell correction in manpage (thx Alexander Steinboeck) grml0.9
2006-10-09 einstein@awkmodified debian/rules and Makefile to include the rende...
2006-06-27 Michael Gebetsroithertypo correction
2006-04-06 Michael GebetsroitherAdded tag 0.14 for changeset ac073acb1f10720f7fae334c42...
2006-04-02 Michael Gebetsroitherfixed a few other typos 0.14
2006-04-02 Michael GebetsroitherFixed a few typos (thanks to Zugschlus)
2006-02-03 Michael Gebetsroithermanpage fixes
2006-02-02 Michael Gebetsroithermakefile fix for asciidoc
2006-02-02 Michael Gebetsroitheradded xml toolchain and asciidoc to build depends
2006-02-02 Michael GebetsroitherAdded tag 0.13 for changeset 5d96a9c6d947893d4d5920832b...
2006-02-02 Michael Gebetsroitherfew small fixes 0.13
2006-02-02 Michael Gebetsroitherchanged dependencies to cryptsetup also
2006-02-02 Michael Gebetsroitherconverted man page to asciidoc
2006-01-18 Michael GebetsroitherAdded tag 0.12 for changeset a0c0cda9e77878a72238028de3...
2006-01-18 Michael Gebetsroitherlayout correction 0.12
2006-01-17 Michael Gebetsroithervarious small fixes
2005-11-11 Michael GebetsroitherAdded tag 0.11 for changeset 1448011eedafa5cde2c4249608...
2005-11-11 Michael Gebetsroitherchanged dependencies to grml-shlib 0.11
2005-11-07 Michael Gebetsroitherinitial commit