2020-01-31 Michael ProkopDrop ftp entry from, its ftp service doesn... master
2020-01-31 Michael ProkopMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/github/pr/9'
2020-01-31 Elias OjalaAdd
2019-04-23 Michael ProkopMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/github/pr/8'
2019-04-23 Knot3nUpdate Mirrors.masterlist
2019-01-12 Alexander WirtAdd http to make mirmon happy
2019-01-12 Alexander WirtMerge pull request #7 from ungleich/master
2019-01-12 Nico SchotteliusMirror added:
2018-12-20 Michael ProkopDrop, no longer available
2018-12-20 Michael ProkopDrop, no longer providing Grml mirror
2018-12-20 Michael Prokop is no longer available
2018-12-20 Michael Prokop no longer provides the Grml...
2018-07-27 Alexander WirtAdd newline add the end of the masterlist
2018-07-26 KoDDoS MirrorAdd KoDDoS Hong Kong Mirror
2017-11-02 KoDDoS MirrorAdd Mirror
2017-01-03 cDRRemoved unsupported ftp option
2017-01-03 Michael ProkopAdd mirror from in Amsterdam
2016-01-16 Alexander WirtMerge pull request #3 from C-Otto/patch-1
2016-01-16 Carsten OttoUpdate Mirrors.masterlist
2016-01-04 Andreas JakumUpdate details
2015-10-26 Alexander WirtMerge pull request #1 from bytemarkjlawrie/patch-1
2015-10-26 bytemarkjlawrieAdding Bytemark mirror to mirror list
2015-08-16 Alexander WirtReflect Jessie upgrade. Module has been renamed
2014-11-03 Alexander WirtFix rsync path
2014-10-31 Alexander WirtAdd anexia mirror
2014-10-21 Evgeni Golovuse some more markdown for formating
2014-10-21 Michael ProkopProvide mirror setup instructions via README
2014-06-20 Alexander WirtFix rsync path
2014-06-20 Alexander WirtAdd new mirror
2014-04-17 Michael ProkopDrop mirror as requested from its owner
2013-10-30 Michael ProkopAdjust Country entry for to correctly...
2013-10-30 Michael ProkopAdd
2013-09-06 Alexander WirtUpdate erlangen entry
2013-03-25 Alexander WirtAdd a fallback to generate_mirror_map for broken regions
2013-01-21 Alexander WirtRemove disappeared .us mirror
2013-01-21 Alexander WirtRemove the whole block
2013-01-21 Alexander WirtDisable .tw mirror
2012-03-06 Alexander WirtAdd location for gwdg
2012-01-08 Alexander WirtAdd location for
2012-01-04 Alexander WirtFix script path
2012-01-04 Alexander WirtAdd todo file
2012-01-04 Alexander WirtAdd mirror scripts and config
2012-01-03 Alexander WirtDon't forget last element
2012-01-03 Alexander WirtAdd new mirror
2012-01-02 Alexander WirtFix mirrorname for netcologne
2012-01-02 Alexander WirtRemove stoerimpulse mirror
2011-11-02 Alexander WirtUpdate Maintainer for
2011-11-02 Alexander WirtMove netcologne from to grml
2011-11-02 Alexander WirtUpdate maintainer for halifax
2011-11-02 Alexander WirtUpdate Maintainer for
2011-11-02 Alexander Wirtadd support for rsync urls
2011-11-02 Alexander WirtFix rsync url
2011-11-02 Alexander WirtAdd support for ftp
2011-11-01 Alexander WirtAdd a smple masterlist2mirmon converter
2011-11-01 Christian HofstaedtlerAdd
2011-11-01 Christian HofstaedtlerAdd all mirrors we currently know of
2011-10-12 Michael Prokopdrop TODO file
2011-06-24 Gerfried FuchsAdd
2011-05-21 Christian HofstaedtlerAdd Leaseweb NL mirror
2011-03-07 Michael ProkopAdd
2010-12-18 Gerfried Fuchsfixed rsync for
2010-12-18 Gerfried FuchsFirst two sites documented
2010-01-08 Michael Prokopinitial checkin