Release new version 2.11.1
[grml-scripts.git] / compile /
2019-01-18 Michael ProkopFix some further typos
2018-06-01 Michael ProkopDrop reread_partition_table binary
2014-02-05 Michael ProkopStatically compile grml-runtty to avoid dependency...
2011-10-14 Christian Hofstaedtlergrml-runtty MUST set PATH
2011-10-13 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove various scripts
2011-08-21 Christian HofstaedtlerRun our TTYs with our own tty runner
2011-04-18 Ulrich DangelMerge remote branch 'grml-scripts-split/split/grml...
2010-12-28 Sebastian BoehmAdd automatically generated files to .gitignore
2010-12-28 Sebastian BoehmSplit grml-scripts into grml-scripts and grml-scripts...
2009-08-07 Michael ProkopRemove all bashisms; drop grml-muttng v1.1.25
2007-06-22 Michael ProkopBranche merge
2007-06-19 Michael Gebetsroithervmware-detect.c: adding header
2007-04-20 Michael ProkopStop shipping gtf binary and manpage as server-xorg... 0.9.43
2007-03-28 Michael Gebetsroithermerged my vmware-detect devel branch with main
2007-03-28 Michael GebetsroitherMakefile fixes for align.c, -O2 produces wrong results
2007-03-28 Michael Gebetsroitherdoc fixes
2007-03-28 Michael Gebetsroithervmware-detect: fixes for amd64
2007-03-10 Michael Gebetsroithermerged mikas trees 0.9.22
2007-03-09 Michael Gebetsroithervmware-detect.c: added doc
2007-03-09 Michael Gebetsroithermerged
2007-03-09 Michael Gebetsroitheradded vim modline
2007-03-09 Michael Gebetsroitherfew fixes
2007-03-09 Michael Gebetsroithervmware-detect.c: logic fixes
2007-03-09 Michael Gebetsroithervmware-detect.c: implemented io-ports based check
2007-03-04 Michael Gebetsroitherusing -s in CFLAGS not strip itself
2006-12-26 Michael GebetsroitherMakefile tuning, e.g compile vmware-detect and dpkg_not...
2006-12-24 Michael Gebetsroitherfixed compile warnings
2006-12-24 Michael Gebetsroithermade vmware-detect.c compile on all archs, implemented...
2006-10-27 Michael Prokopinitial checkin