Release new version 2.11.1
[grml-scripts.git] / usr_sbin /
2022-06-07 Michael Prokopgrml_chroot: fix broken mount argument handling
2022-05-06 Michael ProkopMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/github/pr/11'
2021-12-03 Darshaka Pathiranausr_sbin/noprompt: Fix a couple of shellcheck warnings
2021-12-03 Darshaka Pathiranausr_sbin/noeject: Fix a couple of shellcheck warnings
2021-12-03 Darshaka Pathiranausr_sbin/grml-setservices: Fix a couple of shellcheck...
2021-12-03 Darshaka Pathiranausr_sbin/grml-setlang: Fix a couple of shellcheck warnings
2021-12-03 Darshaka Pathiranausr_sbin/grml-setkeyboard: Fix a couple of shellcheck...
2021-12-03 Darshaka Pathiranausr_sbin/grml-iptstate: Fix a couple of shellcheck...
2021-12-03 Darshaka Pathiranausr_sbin/grml-hostname: Fix a couple of shellcheck...
2021-12-03 Darshaka Pathiranausr_sbin/grml-config-root: Fix a couple of shellcheck...
2021-12-03 Darshaka Pathiranausr_sbin/grml-chroot: Fix a couple of shellcheck warnings
2021-12-03 Darshaka Pathiranausr_sbin/grml2ram: Fix a couple of shellcheck warnings
2021-12-03 Darshaka Pathiranausr_sbin/dirvish-setup: Fix some shellcheck warnings
2021-12-03 Darshaka Pathiranausr_sbin/blacklist: Fix couple of shellcheck warnings:
2021-06-18 Michael ProkopMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/github/pr/12'
2021-06-09 Michael Prokopgrml-chroot: support efivarfs in EFI environments
2019-03-21 Michael Prokopgrml2ram: switch default mount point from /lib/live...
2019-01-18 Michael ProkopFix some further typos
2019-01-18 Michael Prokopgrml-setkeyboard + grml-setkeyboard{,.8}: fix typos
2019-01-18 Michael Prokopgrml-chroot: bind-mount /run/udev in target system...
2018-12-14 Michael Prokopgrml-chroot: iff /proc/cmdline exists don't try to...
2017-06-16 Michael Prokopgrml-chroot: mount /dev/pts as devpts inside chroot
2017-06-16 Michael ProkopRevert "grml-chroot: mount /dev/pts as devpts inside...
2017-05-10 Michael Prokopgrml-chroot: mount /dev/pts as devpts inside chroot
2016-12-30 Michael Prokopgrml-hostname: no longer rely on /etc/init.d/
2013-09-13 Markus RekkenbeilRemove the script grml-config and set a symlink to...
2013-09-13 Markus RekkenbeilFix: Erase all forgotten stuff from grml-config-user...
2013-01-14 Michael Prokopgrml2ram: fix usage of LIVECD_PATH variable together...
2013-01-11 Michael Prokopgrml2ram: adjust live image handling for new live-boot...
2012-09-05 Michael Prokopblacklist: fix indention
2012-09-05 Michael Prokopblacklist: check for -h/--help option
2012-09-05 Michael Prokopblacklist: replace 'modprobe -l' command with modinfo...
2012-09-03 Michael Prokopgrml-hostname: reject invalid hostnames mika/validate_hostname
2012-06-22 Michael Prokopgrml-hostname: restart avahi-daemon service if present...
2012-05-28 Michael Prokopmake_chroot_jail: suppport sudo configuration via ...
2012-05-28 Michael Prokopmake_chroot_jail: redirect error messages to stderr
2012-01-12 Michael Prokopgrml-hostname: improve regex for hostname matching...
2011-12-28 Ulrich DangelTry to determine live-media-path and fallback to first...
2011-11-07 Christian Hofstaedtlergrml-chroot: write /etc/debian_chroot [Closes: issue953]
2011-10-13 Christian HofstaedtlerRemove various scripts
2011-10-13 Christian HofstaedtlerDrop grml-postfix
2010-05-25 Michael Prokopgrml-chroot: exit with according exit code.
2010-03-01 Michael Prokopgrml-hostname: address xauth issue. v1.2.10
2010-02-26 Michael Prokopgrml-setlang: do not set LC_CTYPE any longer.
2010-01-30 Ulrich DangelMoved grml-quickconfig to extra debian package.
2010-01-10 Michael ProkopRemove deprecated bt-audio script.
2009-10-29 Michael ProkopDrop usage of $UID in scripts; Do not use a negative...
2009-08-25 Michael ProkopDrop grml-nessus v1.1.26
2009-08-07 Michael ProkopRemove all bashisms; drop grml-muttng v1.1.25
2009-07-07 Michael Prokopgrml-setlang: do not set LANGUAGE by default, set LANG...
2009-06-24 Michael ProkopDrop service script v1.1.22
2009-06-12 Michael Prokopgrml-lang and grml-quickconfig: add support for spanish... v1.1.20
2009-04-04 Michael ProkopMerge debian/changelog
2009-03-03 Michael Prokopblacklist: use /etc/modprobe.d/grml.conf
2009-01-29 Alexander Steinböckgrml-hostname: Builtin `source' not available in dash(1).
2008-11-29 Michael Gebetsroithergrml-chroot: send all parameters to chroot
2008-11-29 Tong Sungrml-chroot: display usage info additionally to wrong...
2008-11-03 Michael Prokopswspeak-setup: start speech-dispatcher, do not execute... v1.1.12
2008-11-02 Michael ProkopAdd new script swspeak-setup v1.1.11
2008-09-25 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog for new upload)
2008-08-29 Michael Gebetsroithergrml-chroot: do not mess with the command
2008-08-29 Michael Gebetsroitheradded grml-chroot
2008-03-25 Michael Prokopgrml-quickconfig: integrate jwm 1.1.9
2008-02-24 Michael Prokopgrml-quickconfig: get rid of pwm3 1.1.6
2008-02-18 Michael Prokopgrml-quickconfig: integrate awesome 1.1.5
2008-01-14 Michael Prokopbt-audio: check for presence of snd-bt-sco 1.1.2
2007-12-17 Michael ProkopUpdate changelog
2007-12-17 Michael Prokopgrml-quickconfig: fix keybindings for pekwm vs. pwm3...
2007-12-06 Michael Prokop Fix issue356 of grml-quickconfig 1.0.28
2007-12-01 Michael Prokopgrml-setkeyboard: sort all entries alphabetically
2007-12-01 Michael Prokopgrml-quickconfig: it is wm-ng and not wmi-ng of course
2007-11-17 Michael Gebetsroithermerged grml-quickconfig nonblocking branch
2007-11-13 Michael Gebetsroithergrml-quickconfig: removed unnecessary call to stty
2007-11-13 Michael Gebetsroitherstreamlined getting key into a separate function
2007-11-13 Michael Gebetsroitherfix for X braindeadness
2007-11-09 Michael Gebetsroitherreverted grml-quickconfig: no more unnecessary wakeups
2007-11-09 Michael Gebetsroithergrml-quickconfig: no more unnecessary wakeups
2007-10-27 Michael Prokopgrml-hostname: adjust /etc/mailname as well 1.0.20
2007-10-06 Michael ProkopAdjust and for...
2007-09-30 Michael ProkopApply patch by Moritz Augsburger for identifying /dev... 1.0.19
2007-09-30 Michael Prokopgrml2ram: adjust for usage with new live-initramfs...
2007-09-05 Michael Prokopgrml-setkeyboard: use check4root and LANG=C anywhere 1.0.15
2007-09-05 Michael ProkopUpdate grml-setkeyboard and grml-setlang 1.0.14
2007-07-26 Michael Prokopdirvish-setup: check for existence of dialog as well
2007-07-25 Michael Prokopgrml-mutt: update according to mutt hacking session... 1.0.11
2007-07-18 Michael Prokopgrml-setservices: support NFS
2007-07-11 Michael Prokopgrml-hostname: adjust mydestination as well in /etc... 1.0.9
2007-07-04 Michael Prokopgrml-setservices: support lvm [Closes: issue239] 1.0.7
2007-06-22 Michael ProkopBranche merge
2007-06-22 Michael Prokopgrml-quickconfig: replace ion3 with openbox
2007-05-06 Michael Prokopgrml-iptstate: check for '_conntrack' module instead... 0.9.46
2007-05-05 Alexander WirtSmall changes to the grml-quickonfig errormessage
2007-05-05 Alexander WirtSpace now exits grml-quickconfig
2007-04-28 Michael Prokopgrml-setlang: fix small typo
2007-04-28 Michael Prokopbt-audio: use /etc/grml/script-functions, some more...
2007-04-19 Michael Prokopmkdosswapfile: remove german umlauts to avoid utf8... 0.9.42
2007-04-15 Michael Prokopgrml-setservices: do not execute mdadm-raid when deacti...
2007-04-12 Alexander WirtSleep 0.5 secs between keyboard polling.
2007-04-12 Michael ProkopUpdate list of window managers in interface 0.9.38
2007-04-12 Michael Prokopgrml-quickconf: update list of window managers, replace...