2007-09-15 grml UserUpdate of grml_cd stuff, several new files and features
2007-09-15 grml UserInitial support for grml_cd stuff
2007-09-15 grml UserUse GRML_FAI_CONFIG instead of FAI_CONFIGDIRl
2007-09-15 grml UserFix path in etc/grml/fai/config/scripts/GRML/98-clean...
2007-09-15 grml UserFix usage of GRML_LIVE_SOURCES
2007-09-15 grml Useruse C for LANG and LC_ALL
2007-09-15 grml UserMake grml-live script usable, update docs and config...
2007-09-15 grml UserAdd grml-live script
2007-09-15 grml UserUpdate of fai-configuration and documentation
2007-09-15 grml UserInitial configuration for FAI (work in progress)
2007-09-05 grml UserMove all stuff to old/ and add live-initramfs and initi...
2007-05-10 Michael Prokoplinuxrc: just added a comment regarding booting via...
2007-05-09 Michael ProkopSupport cdrom=/dev/... bootoption
2007-05-09 Michael ProkopCloses #issue209, check for ntfs.ko before loading it
2007-05-03 Michael Prokopimprove kernel check in
2007-04-22 Michael ProkopUpdate /linuxrc: the rescan feature (via grmlmount...
2007-04-15 Michael Prokopmerge grml.prepare from different flavours
2007-04-14 Michael ProkopSome cleanups in /linuxrc
2007-04-13 Michael Prokopbranch merge
2007-04-13 Michael Prokopadd check for available RAM to linuxrc
2007-04-13 Alexander WirtMove RAM check to linuxrc
2007-04-09 Michael Prokopupdate /linuxrc (support distri bootoption, grmlmount...
2007-03-28 Michael Prokopfix $EMUL $LIB64 in /linuxrc
2007-03-27 Michael Gebetsroithermerged with mika
2007-03-27 Michael Gebetsroitherlinuxrc: trying to fix problem with broken busybox
2007-03-27 Michael Prokopadded templates/busybox-config.64bit
2007-03-27 Michael Gebetsroitherlinuxrc: merged with netboot linuxrc from terminalserver
2007-03-27 Michael Prokopupdate linuxrc: 64bit code
2007-03-24 Michael Prokopadded docs/building-process
2007-03-04 Michael Prokopupdate linuxrc (aufs stuff)
2007-02-12 Michael Prokopadd rewrite/-stuff
2007-02-12 Michael Prokopadd TODO file, new script and...
2007-02-12 Michael Prokopsome new scripts, functions,....
2007-02-08 Michael Prokopadd
2007-02-08 Michael Prokopadd packages/
2007-02-08 Michael Prokopadd templates/, move grml-live.txt to docs/
2007-02-08 Michael Prokopadd intial debian/ layout
2007-02-08 Michael Prokopinitial checkin