Include grml-live-remaster; Bump Standard-Version
[grml-live.git] / debian / rules
2007-12-28 Michael ProkopInclude grml-live-remaster; Bump Standard-Version
2007-12-16 Michael ProkopNew option -b for build-only
2007-11-26 Michael ProkopMerged
2007-11-25 Michael ProkopDrop patches which are part of FAI, depend on FAI 3.2.3
2007-10-28 Michael ProkopSupport option -u for updating; added FAI patches;...
2007-10-28 Michael ProkopAdd /usr/share/grml-live/scripts/ (by formor...
2007-10-22 Michael ProkopCreate /usr/share/grml-live/buildd in debian/rules
2007-10-22 Michael ProkopInstall buildd files in /usr/share/grml-live/buildd/
2007-10-22 Michael ProkopBig buildd update
2007-10-07 Michael ProkopAdd /usr/share/grml-live/examples/buildd/
2007-09-29 Michael ProkopSupport GRML_NAME, drop character limits, unify files...
2007-09-16 Michael ProkopMake linitian happy
2007-09-16 Michael ProkopAdd initial zsh completion for grml-live.
2007-09-15 grml UserInitial support for grml_cd stuff
2007-09-15 grml UserAdd grml-live script
2007-09-15 grml UserInitial configuration for FAI (work in progress)
2007-09-05 grml UserMove all stuff to old/ and add live-initramfs and initi...
2007-02-08 Michael Prokopadd intial debian/ layout